An Introduction

Timecapsules is a presentation vehicle for the public enjoyment of screen material collected and curated from libraries, internet and screen archives. Our content is ephemeral and diverse in origin and era.. Our philosophy is that the public cultural experience is better than the private even when its just watching films.

It is mostly operated by myself but also includes programs from other curators. We host these screening in a rather salubrious and spacious gallery bar located in the centre of Collingwood’s less gentrified zones. It is free, we merely ASK for donations.

Timecapsules are mostly limited to the warmer months and nights usually commence at 8.45pm… Doors usually close at 12pm, so our friendly barman Milos Manojlovic can get some sleep


2 Responses to “An Introduction”

  1. Hello,

    I have a film here. And I was wondering what you setup looked like and how many people you could accomodate?

    Thank you,

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